Twitter killed the cricket blog

Hello there.

Paddle Sweep is back. The recently concluded England vs. India series may or may not have prompted this return but here we are. For those of you know know that this blog existed sometime at the beginning of this decade, welcome back. For those of you who don’t – welcome.

For the past few years, every time I’ve had a chat with people about cricket blogging, this is what I hear:

no one cares.

People have moved on.

That was the golden era.

Every single thing that needs to be written about has being written about.

How can you ever beat Cricinfo?

Why would you waste your time when no one will read?

I remember, almost a decade ago, there was this almost close knit community of bloggers – Gaurav (still writes as Naked Cricket at BCC!), Jarrod (in the big leagues now), mspr1nt (dunno where she’s at – played a huge part in this blog becoming whatever it became), and so many others. We shared our opinion, our rants, our feelings, and properly expressed as fans and keen observers.

And then, gradually, it died down. I feel the turning point was the advent of big news media companies noticing that there are these blogs that are doing really well and they need opinion content similar to that. A few of us then started writing for these big companies. A few of us realized that it is far easier to keep a blog updated when you’re in college (that would be me). And for a few other reasons, it didn’t feel the same anymore.

Having said that, I could be wrong. Maybe there is still a thriving community of cricket fans where opinions are shared in the form of prose more than 280 characters in length. Maybe it is on r/cricket (though I have serious doubts on that). Maybe in forums. It is likely that I moved out of the circle but the circle still exists. Help me out if that is the case.

Here is what to expect from this blog:

  • Unfiltered yet balanced opinion on whatever’s going on in cricket.
  • Contributions from other people who feel that twitter is still restrictive to make a proper argument.

Want to contribute?

Please hit me up at @paddlesweep

What do you think?

Help a recovering cricket blogger come back the the thing he loves the most: blogging.