An utter disgrace to Test Cricket

India beat South Africa by 108 runs in under three days at Mohali. This was the first of the four test PayTM Freedom Series pitting the best team in the world when playing at home against the best travellers of the last decade. While a lot of discussions pre-game were around how Virat Kohli tried to bed Daljit Singh (the curator), no one knew what his demands were. Conceding 400+ in the last ODI at Mumbai and Shastri blaming the curator only added to the fire.

What we got finally was a rank turner, the kind of pitches India was famous for producing before the holier-than-thou brigade begged for justification of TV rights. It wasn’t a minefield. It was just a very difficult pitch to bat on, with the rough pouting its ugly mouth in the second session on Day 1 itself. Or was that the first? Still, this wasn’t the worst batting pitch ever that a lot of people were making it out to be. I am going to talk about the fast bowler bias in a bit, but first, go through some of these gems:

While we are on the trending topic of intolerance,

Even Sunny seemed to have gone for a walk in the park.

Now consider this: on a green swinging top in England, if a batsman fails to execute his plan of playing close to his body, who will be chastised? The pitch or the batsman? This conversation with @CricCrazyNIKS is exactly what I am talking about:

Conversation Mohali

The funniest thing here is that a few regular cricket watchers are convinced that this sort of pitch favouring cannot happen these days as broadcasters have a lot of money riding on a game going the full five days. Thats farcical and dystopian at the same time. The only time a broadcaster comes close to a curator is when they need to take an interview for a pitch well prepared.

The Mohali pitch wasn’t the best pitch but it was the pitch India benefited from. India also batted better than South Africa considering that as far as batting went, it was a 2 vs. 2 contest.


I have a slow motion camera and all rights belong to Star and BCCI.

The real disgrace to test cricket at the moment is not the pitch curator, it’s the people blaming the pitch for the result. Learn to enjoy the game, let it grow on you. Feel it. The next test is in Bangalore after a week and that pitch is going to turn more.

Take it away Dileep and Freddie:

It’s good to be back.



RBS find that hiring Sachin isn’t cheap, file for bankruptcy

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Blast from the Past: This post was first published in the last decade. Before we launch the new Paddle Sweep, we are giving you a glimpse of the best of the best from our previous lives.

This is the time of tremendous final downturn and lots of companies are rueing their spending. One such company is the Royal Bank of Scotland, who after signing Sachin Tendulkar and other top sportsmen like Zara Phillips, Jack Nicklaus, Sir Jackie Stewart for a reported sum of £200 million, later went on to file bankruptcy and is now bailed out and now majorly owned by the public.

Putting it into perspective, Sachin Tendulkar is now owned by the people of Great Britain. Raj all over again? Pardon me for the inappropriate perspective, but its funny. Taking a look at the commercial they shot with Sachin:

True, but really? Sachin Tendulkar did not just change the way the game is played. What he did was that as well as something much bigger than that. He changed the way the game is followed in this country. In the pre-Tendulkar era, the India fan used to be super happy every time Gundappa Vishwanath square cut Jeff Thompson for four and used to hope, courtesy the beautiful article by Pradeep Magazine, “that we, too, would one day play and win like them.”

Sachin Tendulkar gave us hope that the times we dreamt about would arrive sooner than the proverbial ‘one day’, which of course is like ‘tomorrow’ – it is because it never will be. Now that we see those times at our doorstep, we cannot help but thank the master batsman. Yes, we too thank you, Sachin Tendulkar.

Now where does all this leave Sachin? In fact, no issues here at all. The contracts were rigid and the money had changed hands. So, Sachin would not be short changed, just that the money is now paid by taxpayers in the UK. Now THAT makes me feel great, nay, ROYAL!


Joining the Dots

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Blast from the Past: This post was first published in the last decade. Before we launch the new Paddle Sweep, we are giving you a glimpse of the best of the best from our previous lives.

Michael Holding came up with something very interesting during commentary. It was about what teams need to do to be attacking in the field. He coined it ‘joining the dots’. It is so simple, yet so beautiful. Bowlers, to apply pressure, depend on dot balls. Independent dot balls have no effect as the strike still rotates and the batsmen keep getting their eye in. But if the dots are joined effectively, a wicket results.

Food for thought
water for drought
Pitch sucks here
KP is without fear!

and now he is clean bowled by Jerome Taylor
Deccan Chargers you beauty!

and now he has bowled Andrew Flintoff through the gate
Deccan Chargers you motherfuckers!


Cricket Hall of Fame – something Nasser Hussein was blabbering on at lunch day 2

13 of the 55 till now have been from the West Indies

3 commemorative caps given out today at lunch

  1. Vivian Richards
  2. Andy Roberts
  3. Michael Holding

3 best players according to Sir Viv

Sunil Gavaskar

Javed Miandad

Greg Chappel

I think he thought the question was batsmen and not players. Roberts and Holding look pissed.

Roberts kind of liked Fidel Edwards

Birthday boy is Holding a Happy face


Image Credit:NAPARAZZI on Flickr

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